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Tom sent this in a while back (my apologies for the delay). Beautiful job! Keep the pics coming:


William’s Back With a Vengeance!

Check out the latest work from William! Dude’s on a tear! Great work!

Fender Starcaster reissue

Fan Mail! Check out these well-hung beauties!

We have a new fan of the Hercules GSP38WB wall hanger! Thanks to William Curry who sent in theses pics – awesome job … and did we mention, KILLER guitars?!!?

Nice work, William!

If you want to show off your well-hung guitars, we’d love to see them!

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Best Place to Buy

Okay, in response to the dozens of emails I’ve been getting on the topic, truly the best place on the Web I’ve found to buy the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (the one from the YouTube video) is  Almost every online retailer of the Hercules product has a store within Amazon, so you can do all of your comparison shopping in a single, trusted space.  Prices hold constant in the $14 to $25 range and as you’ll see here, some retailers include free shipping.  A couple of them are actually fulfilled by Amazon, so if you spend more than $25 on your entire Amazon order, you’ll typically get their Free Super Saver Shipping.  If this is confusing, regardless of which retailer you buy from on Amazon, they all use the Amazon store front, but only a couple of the current retailers actually have Amazon fulfill your order (i.e. – your product will arrive in an Amazon box vs. your product arriving straight from the retailer).  From what I can see at the time of this post, the second option in these search results (the Brook Mays store on, is your best bet at $15.49 per guitar hanger, with free shipping regardless of order size.  I’ve bought from here in the past and have had a great experience every time.  Best price, free shipping, fast delivery.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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How To Hang Your Guitar On The Wall

Previously, we discussed all the good reasons for using a guitar wall hanger to store your guitar when it’s not being played.  To show you how easy it can be, we created this simple YouTube video demonstrating installation of the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (our favorite!).  This demo will take  you step-by-step through the process providing instruction on wall placement, all the required tools you’ll need and installation of the actual product.  Enjoy!

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Guitar Hangers – Storage Vs. Access

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of money on your guitars and you’re always stuck fighting the battle of where to store them when they’re not being played such that you can get at them when it comes time to – the perpetual challenge of Storage vs. Access.  I’ve found that there are really three basic options for where and how to keep your guitar, some practical, some not, but when it all comes down to it, you’ll find that guitar hangers offer the best of all worlds.

Making The Case For Cases – Why They’re a Bad Idea

Guitar cases are the usual solution – they keep your guitars reasonably secure, they usually create a good storage climate and you can typically stuff them into any dark, albeit, forgettable space.  Not a bad idea if your guitars need to hibernate.  It’s a simple solution for the common shredder and let’s face it, guitar players have a reputation for being lazy and aren’t typically going to care where or how their instruments are being stored just as long as they can get at them when the next gig comes around or an idea springs to mind and they need to grab their guitar in a pinch and strum out the next hit.  Guitar cases are good for two things: transport and extended periods of storage. Otherwise, they’re a horrible option.  Out of sight, out of mind = a disgusting waste of money for a guitar that’s meant to be played.

Stand Or Fall?

Another typical solution is your basic guitar floor stand.  Good option for accessibility, but that’s about where it ends. Floor stands are rickety and really easy to bump into or knock over.  Guitars are expensive.  The last thing you need is to stumble home after enjoying a pint or three of your favorite ale and accidentally place your size 12 foot through your 6-string-soundhole. The less obstacles you have lying around the floor, the more likely you are to keep your guitar safe and ready to sound. Floor stands also act as magnets for kids and pets – guitars are at eye level when they’re in floor stands.  This MUST mean they were put there for them, right?  Bad move, Jack.  Floor guitar stands have one place in this world: the stage.  Simple rule of thumb: No need for a  guitar tech, no need for a floor stand. Make Art, Not Floor So now you know how NOT to store your guitars.  Yes, cases and floor stands both serve a purpose and yes, I have several of each.  But the most practical solution for anyone that actually CARES about their guitars is to hang them. Think of this technique as your own personal AAA club for your guitars. Hanging them isn’t just practical, it makes them Accessible, Anchored and Artistic…and it’s a whole lot easier to do than you might think.

1.  Accessibility.  For a lot of people, there’s the perception that once a guitar is on the wall, it has undergone some kind of enshrinement ceremony and is stuck there for life, Hard Rock Cafe-style.  Not the case unless you’ve been “lucky” enough to have your favorite axeman put Sharpie to Stratocaster and transform your instrument into mute memorabilia.  But for the true musician, guitars were meant to be played first and admired second.  Guitar hangers make both possible.  There are several options available and I’ve tried most of them, but there’s one that stands out above the rest: for safety and accessibility it’s the Hercules GSP38WB.

2.  Anchored.  The GSP38WB allows you to hang your guitar vertically utilizing a gravity lock that secures your guitar using its own weight.  The wall mount is simple to hang.  5 minutes if mounting to a stud, 10 minutes if you’re using the included drywall anchors.  Once the mount is hanging in the desired location (literally two screws later), that’s it!  Now you simply hang the guitar onto the mount by its headstock and let go!  The weight of the guitar causes the Auto Grip system to engage, securing your guitar to the mount.  Another cool feature with the Hercules GSP38WB is the Auto Swivel Yoke, which allows guitars with odd-shaped headstocks to hang nice and vertical.

3.  Artistic.  While guitars are made to be played, there’s no denying how cool they can be, visually.  Hanging a guitar on the wall creates instant art, often becoming the focal point of a room.  They can also inspire great discussions and stories about where the guitar was acquired, where it’s been played and what songs were crafted on it.

Sticking with the “A” theme, there’s another important reason guitar hangers are the way to go: Affordability.  Several music retailers offer different options and pricing can vary, but my research has led me to the Brook Mays store on Amazon.  In the last few months, I’ve bought four Hercules GSP38WB models for just over $10 each, and shipping was only a few dollars.

So there you have it – one man’s educated opinion of where a guitar should reside when not being played.  Hanging them up will ensure your investment stays protected while looking cool, but most importantly keeps it on the ready when it’s time to jam!

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