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Okay, in response to the dozens of emails I’ve been getting on the topic, truly the best place on the Web I’ve found to buy the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (the one from the YouTube video) is  Almost every online retailer of the Hercules product has a store within Amazon, so you can do all of your comparison shopping in a single, trusted space.  Prices hold constant in the $14 to $25 range and as you’ll see here, some retailers include free shipping.  A couple of them are actually fulfilled by Amazon, so if you spend more than $25 on your entire Amazon order, you’ll typically get their Free Super Saver Shipping.  If this is confusing, regardless of which retailer you buy from on Amazon, they all use the Amazon store front, but only a couple of the current retailers actually have Amazon fulfill your order (i.e. – your product will arrive in an Amazon box vs. your product arriving straight from the retailer).  From what I can see at the time of this post, the second option in these search results (the Brook Mays store on, is your best bet at $15.49 per guitar hanger, with free shipping regardless of order size.  I’ve bought from here in the past and have had a great experience every time.  Best price, free shipping, fast delivery.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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How To Hang Your Guitar On The Wall

Previously, we discussed all the good reasons for using a guitar wall hanger to store your guitar when it’s not being played.  To show you how easy it can be, we created this simple YouTube video demonstrating installation of the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (our favorite!).  This demo will take  you step-by-step through the process providing instruction on wall placement, all the required tools you’ll need and installation of the actual product.  Enjoy!

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