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Okay, in response to the dozens of emails I’ve been getting on the topic, truly the best place on the Web I’ve found to buy the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (the one from the YouTube video) is  Almost every online retailer of the Hercules product has a store within Amazon, so you can do all of your comparison shopping in a single, trusted space.  Prices hold constant in the $14 to $25 range and as you’ll see here, some retailers include free shipping.  A couple of them are actually fulfilled by Amazon, so if you spend more than $25 on your entire Amazon order, you’ll typically get their Free Super Saver Shipping.  If this is confusing, regardless of which retailer you buy from on Amazon, they all use the Amazon store front, but only a couple of the current retailers actually have Amazon fulfill your order (i.e. – your product will arrive in an Amazon box vs. your product arriving straight from the retailer).  From what I can see at the time of this post, the second option in these search results (the Brook Mays store on, is your best bet at $15.49 per guitar hanger, with free shipping regardless of order size.  I’ve bought from here in the past and have had a great experience every time.  Best price, free shipping, fast delivery.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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  1. GuitarHangers says:


  2. jzimm1075 says:


  3. OstanNick says:

    Thanks bud, I’m hanging a tele soon and I’m glad you covered the odd-shaped head!

  4. FrancisStrange says:

    yes. yes it will.

  5. Good instructional video. I just bought a Hercules mount for my Explorer for just the reasons you spoke of, especially the swivel. Thanks!

  6. haha “when ever your in the mood just strum away, I might just do that ” ha ha legendary

  7. Won’t the weight of the guitar stretch the neck of it?

  8. GuitarHangers says:

    I’ve never worried about it. It would have to be a pretty heavy guitar left hanging for a really long time … just don’t see it. My Les Paul has some weight to it. Never had an issue.

  9. What size studs did you use? I moved and left the studs at my old place, so I need to buy some new ones. I didn’t really think it through

  10. “do not fret”hah

  11. Cool vid, thanks. I assume this will work with a Martin HD-28V, I will find out soon LOL.

  12. Most offordable way is 2 nails with rubber coating round them

  13. BasketofLotion says:

    Instead of hanging them vertically are there hangers that allow it to be set slanted 45 degrees? I Wanna hang a bass to my wall.

  14. RentedSpot says:

    Cool vid. I have two of these lying around for ages now, didn’t know how to use the dry wall anchors so I just left the whole thing in the box. If I use a stud finder, and place it right on a stud, is it possible to just use a screwdriver without the drywall anchors?Is there any way of using the anchors without drilling holes first? And do you ever feel like that small piece of plastic will pop out? Isn’t that basically what’s holding the entire guitar up?

  15. GuitarHangers says:

    Yes – if you find a stud, you don’t need the anchor. That’s the best way to go if you happen to have a stud in the location you want to hang the guitar. Might be kind of tough to screw it in without a powered screwdriver or drill though. It would definitely be the most secure option. As for the anchor, as long as you fasten it correctly, you should be fine. The biggest thing to look out for is that you don’t drill a hole that’s too big for the anchor, otherwise yes, it might pop out.

  16. GuitarHangers says:

    Also, any hardware store is going to sell drywall anchors to support different weighted objects. If you’re really concerned about it and have a really heavy guitar, you might want to buy an anchor that supports heavier objects. I have a pretty Les Paul and it’s been fine with the anchor that came in the box.

  17. GuitarHangers says:

    Slappin’ da bass! There are, but this particular Hercules model does not allow for horizontal hanging.

  18. GuitarHangers says:

    True, but if securing the guitar to your wall is important…

  19. I really like this particular product and I’m almost ready to buy two of them for my home studio. But I have one question… What about Les paul style guitars? (I can see one on the other side of the door) I’m worried about the angled headstock on my LP guitar. Will it work fine with the mechanism and will the weight of the guitar not just break the neck after some time on the wall? Thanks

  20. GuitarHangers says:

    You’ll be fine. My Les Paul is pretty heavy and it’s never been a problem, nor would the angle be. The locking device pivots once you hang the guitar, making sure it hangs straight, regardless of the angle. Good luck.

  21. sean mc cann says:

    the wall in my room is plaster , i dont think the wall will be strong enough to support im stratocaster . any advice?

  22. GuitarHangers says:

    I’ve never tried drilling into plaster, but I’d imagine it would be pretty difficult. The wall anchors that come with this hanger are plastic and probably won’t work well. I just googled “anchors in plastic walls” and there were a ton of articles. Sounds like you’ll be able to find something at a store like Home Depot or Lowes. I would go there and ask what they recommend. As long as you get an anchor that supports the 1/4″ hole in the hanger, you should be ok. GL – let me know how it goes.

  23. ShredWithMe says:

    Do not! i repeat! DO NOT! put a telle in a Hercules. The headstock is too thin brother after hanging it up 10 or 20 times the rubber on the Hercules will start to tear and eventually your telle will be resting solely on the tuning knob. At least that’s what happened to me

  24. GuitarHangers says:

    I’ve had a Telecaster hung on this Hercules model for 2 years. NEVER had a problem.

  25. ShredWithMe says:

    Maybe they just sold me a bad one? Just trying to help out broskie

  26. GuitarHangers says:

    It’s all good. I think the one you used is different than this one. The GSP38WB doesn’t have any rubber on it.

  27. Michael Castro says:

    I have a fairly heavy Washburn 6-string bass (BB6). Are those little anchors that come with the mounting hardware actually strong enough to support a bass of that heft? Also, if I hung three fairly close together, does that affect the drywall?

  28. GuitarHangers says:

    They might be but it’s really hard to tell for sure. I don’t work for Hercules, so I don’t know what they actually list as a weight rating. To be safe, I would do one of two things: Bypass using the anchors, get a stud finder and drill straight into a stud. The only issue here is that you might not end up with the exact wall placement you’re after.

  29. GuitarHangers says:

    The other idea is to use the drywall anchors, but prior to mounting and securing the wall hanger, dab some Gorilla Glue on the back of the wood block and then screw it in. You’d have to be really careful when it came time to removing the hanger if you ever wanted to so you don’t jack up your walls, but I would feel pretty confident you’d get a strong hold. Good luck!

  30. Mukhambiel says:

    I don’t even own a guitar, why am I watching this video?!

  31. Manny Cla says:

    Get a strip of wood about a 4″x 2″ as long as you think you might need for 3 guitars and screw that into the wall making sure it is level. Then hang your guitar hangers at an even space on that wood. That will take all the stress of the guitars.

  32. Gino.Tarabotto says:

    I see a sticker says “Pull” but I never see you pull anything; is’t it important to pull something?

  33. GuitarHangers says:

    Insert joke here. Just kidding. Nope. Just hang the bracket as instructed. The weight of the guitar will “pull” down on the mechanism and lock it.

  34. GuitarHangers says:

    I don’t know either, but I’m glad you did. Tell your friends! 😉

  35. Gino.Tarabotto says:


  36. Mukhambiel says:

    When I find out that one of my friends plays the guitar I will 😉 So far non of them does it…

  37. Good looking hangers. Thanks for posting this video. I’m moving this month and am planning to install a few in my new man cave!

  38. BryceGuitarGlen says:

    Better yet, tell your friends to buy you a guitar 😉

  39. symotography says:

    Neat, gonna get one in a few days. You kinda remind me of John Petrucci, both your appearance and your voice!

  40. davesguitarplanet says:

    Leaves out the most important steps. Anyone can do the part he shows (screw the thing to the wall). What some may need help with is getting the holes correct distance apart and plumb (so hanger goes on level). And using the correct type of anchor (for drywall or masonry).

  41. GuitarHangers says:

    +symotography Thanks! Now only if I could play like him!

  42. GuitarHangers says:

    @davesguitarplanet Thanks for the comment. Check the 2:40 mark. The hanger comes with the appropriate anchors. Since posting this video, I’ve given additional advice about dabbing a strong adhesive (like Liquid Nails) on the back of the wood block. It’s not necessary, but if you’d like some added security, it wouldn’t hurt, especially if you’re planning on hanging a guitar with substantial weight to it. You’ll have to be careful with your walls if you ever remove the hanger, but if you’re looking for a stronger bond, it’d be worth it. Getting the holes correct is a breeze. Position the hanger where you want it and make a small mark on the wall by pressing a screw through the holes in the hanger, then remove the hanger and drill into the wall where the screws or anchors will go.

  43. Mike Durant says:

    im still weary on trusting the anchors, ive hung a few guitars but have always had a stud in the right place, just moved into a new place and the studs are NOT where i want them.. 🙁 especially dont trust the wall anchors cuz i want to hang 3 of my guitars over my tv.. any emotional support for using the drywall hangars?? sincerely, wearyaboutdrywallanchors lol

  44. MrRandomEh says:

    good thing that door doesnt look like it opens inwards :p

  45. The GSP38WB guitar hangers are the BEST in quality and are extremely easy to mount on the wall. I would recommend you use the screws that came with this guitar hanger and preferably anchor it to a stud in the wall, versus mounting it with the plastic inserts into drywall. You spent a good buck on the guitar and I’d hope you attach this guitar hanger to a stud for the BEST security. Guitar Center is where I bought my guitar hangers. When I talked with the sales people at Guitar Center, the ALL said that the Hercules GSP38WB was the VERY BEST.

  46. PLEASE READ:1) DO NOT USE THE ANCHORS SHOWN! Screws directly into a stud are the first choice. Otherwise there are heavier wall anchors (supporting 75# and up) or toggle bolts available from any hardware store. These are designed for about ten pounds and have seen them pulled out of the wall when removing the guitars. The load is much more than the instrument as it is not just static weight when removing or placing the instrument in the hanger.2) He uses a level AFTER he has already installed the anchors. You must check as you install the anchors. Once they are in the wall, you have, what you have. They can not be moved in the slightest or you weaken the Sheetrock holding them. 3) Do not use a power or electric screwdriver when using wall anchors. They can tear the threads of the anchor or spin the anchor tearing the wall. You won’t know until your guitar comes crashing down!4) If installing more than one guitar hanger, consider using a piece of wood that will extend from one wall stud to the next wall stud. Then attach the hanger to the wood using standard screws. I used a nice piece of Oak from lowes and covers three wall studs. Looks fantastic and very stable.

  47. I hung a guitar on the wall once, didn’t use studs or anchors, was good for a month then collapsed in the middle of the night onto hardwood. Snapped the neck right off. Luckily it was a cheap Ibanez Gio…

  48. MasterQueb222 says:

    I would not trust anchors especially for my Horizon that’s pretty fucking heavy XD

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