How To Hang Your Guitar On The Wall

Previously, we discussed all the good reasons for using a guitar wall hanger to store your guitar when it’s not being played.  To show you how easy it can be, we created this simple YouTube video demonstrating installation of the Hercules GSP38WB guitar hanger (our favorite!).  This demo will take  you step-by-step through the process providing instruction on wall placement, all the required tools you’ll need and installation of the actual product.  Enjoy!

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  1. [..YouTube..] @jaferhassan Drywall anchors are fine. The ones I link to guitar-hangers come with the right anchors.

  2. [..YouTube..] HOLY SHIT! on 8:22 i got soo scaared! haha i thought the guitar fell off the wall hanger but then i saw that he was the one to take it off xD

  3. [..YouTube..] I just bought a wall rack for 1 of my guitars, my BC rich ironbird does NOT want to stand on a regular stand

  4. [..YouTube..] Would a Dean Razerback Floyd Rose Electric Guitar Be too heavy for wall studs?

  5. [..YouTube..] its a good thing your door doesn’t open inwards lol

  6. [..YouTube..] Thanks for the review

  7. [..YouTube..] Think these things would hold a Rickenbacker bass?

  8. [..YouTube..] @Jianna1397 They’ll hold any guitar, it’s more a matter of how you secure the hanger to the wall. If your guitar is particularly heavy, I would recommend drilling straight into the studs rather than using anchors.

  9. [..YouTube..] @BeeGreeen The right call !

  10. [..YouTube..] Do you really need an 8minute video to demo how to put two screws in the wall?

  11. [..YouTube..] Why pretend you’re reviewing something when you’re advertising your own product. Seriously — it’s a $15 wall hanger…is that the kind of product that NEEDS sneaky advertising to survive?!?

  12. [..YouTube..] will this be safe if i hang it to the wall over my bed? 😀

  13. [..YouTube..] bought and installed 3 yesterday; great product… and you don’t even need a wall bumper like with some off these cheap ones.

  14. [..YouTube..] I like the hanger, and think I may get one for my les paul, but one question. Does the hanger adjust for different guitar thickness, so an acoustic dreadnaught body style will hang without leaning against the wall, or is it possibly far enough from the wall for both electric and acoustic.

  15. [..YouTube..] I just bought a Hercules GSP39WB for my Les Paul… I play it all the time but i also like to display it… will the hanger eventually fall off if I take the guitar off the hanger a lot?? Please Help! Thank you!

  16. [..YouTube..] @cboy739 studs are pretty strong, i’ve hung radiators on them (i’m a plumber). just dont go hanging your razorback straight onto the gyproc. an easy way to find the studs id with a magnet, you will find the screws that hold the gyproc to the stud no problem.

  17. [..YouTube..] @SpaciousBat Absolutely not – that’s what it’s for. I have a Les Paul hanging right now and it gets more use than any other guitar I have. Go for it – I just put a post on Guitar-Hangers regarding current best pricing and places to buy. Good luck! (and sorry for the late reply…had issues with the site recently)

  18. [..YouTube..] @quedorf Another great question … and another apology for the late reply. You shouldn’t have any trouble using the same hanger for different body types of guitars. I hang both electrics and acoustics with the GSP38WB. And for what it’s worth, I just took a measurement from the wall to the back of the neck of my Telecaster, and it was 5 inches. A measurement of the wall to the body of my Martin acoustic still leaves 3 inches of space. You should be fine regardless of guitar type.

  19. [..YouTube..] @breckerdorn No – you probably don’t. But did you need two posts to be an idiot? Just trying to help people out.

  20. [..YouTube..] @GuitarHangers Thanks. I ended up with two of them, one for the electric, and one for the acoustic, and they work great.

  21. [..YouTube..] @breckerdorn I, and most people could care less if it is his own product. It is a great hanger, and well worth $15. And not only does it work ideally, it looks much much better than a homemade hack job item, that will in the end cost nearly as much, and do the job half as well. Kudos to these guitar hangers.

  22. [..YouTube..] @quedorf Thanks … but I SWEAR it’s not my product. Hercules makes all kinds of instrument stands and hangers, I just prefer them over any other kind I’ve tried. What’s next? I’m Les Paul because I like those too?

  23. [..YouTube..] @GuitarHangers I figured it was not your personal product. I really did not care either way. Made no difference. I just did not like the tone the other guy gave off on his comment. I felt I had to say something. You are Les Paul??? Cool. LOL

  24. [..YouTube..] @quedorf Glad they worked for you. For $15, they’re hard to beat. We’ll let @breckerdorn off the hook so he can go back into his mom’s basement 😉 Have a good one.

  25. [..YouTube..] @breckerdorn You’re a dumbass

  26. [..YouTube..] @GuitarHangers hi, I’ve seen guitars supported from both ends, don’t you use a body support also? Is it safe to just let it hang like that? Thanks!

  27. [..YouTube..] @ArianeQube Just depends on the type of hanger you use. Usually the ones that support the body are more permanent. Not only is this particular Hercules model safe, it lets you pull down the guitar with ease when you actually want to play it. Guitars should be heard first, and seen second. 😉

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